Monday, August 25, 2014

We seek the safety of being in the audience, the intensity of being on stage, and prefer not to pay for the tickets.

Taking responsibility means having enough levity to ignore the consequences.

Morality was designed as a measuring stick, but it is used as a hammer.

 Those who are proud of their independence hope, that how they acquired it does not show.

Dignity is not something we show, but something we cannot hide.

 Loneliness is when you are locked out of yourself.

Conviction is younger, healthier, and more energetic than knowledge. Who cares that knowledge is right?

The most banal things are generally true. They face reality like stones in a shallow creek face the sun.

Miracles, like computers, are too slow to be useful.

Those characteristics that are considered beautiful, such as long legs, are merely those that helped us to survive. The so-called high moral standards, that are cherished by civilization are the ones that hasten our perishing.

People mask their fears with convictions, using it as a cosmetic to cover little defects.

Life appears to be governed by some laws that are applied ruthlessly to those who break them.
Even so, no one is an expert in this field, no one knows how to take precautions, and no one has ever find the guaranteed right way. Therefore, flippancy cannot be such a bad quality: at least, it will save you a lot of effort.

Success is the next of kin of luck; we are brought up with the erroneous notion that it depends on toil.

We crumple life to fit into our notions.

Anyone is capable of anything if you are lucky enough to be in the situation where everything is the only possibility.

Dreaming about fame shows that you desire to make your uniqueness salable.

Public opinion is spilled into the air like an adhesive liquid that will stick to you no matter how careful you are.

Among the dozens of personalities that are swarming inside of us, life usually picks the ones that we would never choose as our representative, if we were free agents.

Bigots get their opinions from others. If it was their own, they would lose some conviction on the way.

The liquid-like quality that allows you to assume the shape of any container offered by society is called charm.

Some have the notion that there is a Treasure Island where the entire supply of ideas is kept. Mankind is exhausting the supply little by little. Nowadays almost nothing is left, and we poor human beings have to parody or fake what was in the past.

People want to be linked to as many others as possible, as if they can be elected for living only by a majority of votes.

People who are considered wise are imposters if they do not share this opinion and much more so if they do.

We are so much the product of incidents, coincidences, and good and bad influences that it is strange to proudly call this personality.

If nothing works and you are still trying hard it shows, that you can be proud of your stupidity.

Life looks like diving into a dirty pond: perspective is distorted, it is hard to move, and unknown creatures are dancing in front of your eyes.

The value of a relationship is exactly the degree you have changed because of it.

Society looks first and foremost at your title. If you announce that you are “dinner,” you can freely serve your customers cartoon cutlets.

We talk about “point of view” but “world perception,” as if we take the perception of the whole world and project it into one point.

To be objective and not consider shit as the only building material in the world, you need to be lucky.

Self respect is something you should never borrow from outside.

“In reality” is a place that does not exist in nature.

We assess our endeavors according to the judgment of others. It is strange that in a restaurant, we do not ask other people their opinion about the food we are eating.

The desire for base, primitive things is much better rewarded. Does it mean that people are created to be base and primitive or that they are created not to be happy?

The ability to remember decreases with age, and life seems to look like a stack of cutout pictures.

People write diaries because, after being written down, any vague feeling acquires the pretentious look of a thought.

Time is limited to our lifetime. Everything else is stories told to us and about us.

People take gifts from Heaven as if they have been awarded a medal for bravery.

Approval is neither the end of our efforts nor parallel to it. It is perpendicular and falls from the sky at an arbitrary point.

Liberty has a price tag. Only impertinence comes for free.

Every one knows that he is unique only few of us can see it in others.

We mistakenly think that bargaining for a better life  with the One Upstairs is the same as faith.

Prestige is the entrance fee of society.
 Carina Reytblat

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